Little Pitchers…Big Ears

One active child, two sick parents.

My husband had been complaining about headaches for almost two weeks. I had been having them on and off, but in the past two days a strong, persistent sinus headache had developed on the left side of my face. I noticed Dave was also clutching the left side of his face like the side was just going to blow off.

“We need to go to the Walgreens clinic and get seen. I’ll bet anything we both have sinusitis.” I urged my husband who had been sulking all day, clutching his head and being generally useless. I needed him healthy, and I had a big day of work scheduled for the next day, so I needed me to be healthy too.

I convinced him to get dressed and asked him to stop off and refuel at the grocery store gas station since we had 7 cents off per gallon. Every penny counts! While he pumped the gas I went inside and promptly spent all of the money saved (and then some) on a pumpkin spice cappuccino. One sip and I knew it would be for him…too thick and sweet for my taste.

I handed it to him as I got back in the car and he looked happy for the first time all day. As we parked at Walgreens and approached the entrance he said, “I’m going to hide my coffee so they don’t see me carrying it in.”

Moments later as we each stood at the respective kiosks and logged into the clinic queue Emily sez, in a loud and clear voice, “Daddy, are you hiding your coffee so they don’t see?”

Busted by a three-year-old!

The clinic staff member was amused and of course, let Dave keep the coffee!

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