Life of Fred Math and Spelling at the Dinner Table


Life of Fred Math Series

As I ushered out a visiting homeschool co-op student today there was a package waiting on the front porch.

The series I had ordered, Life of Fred, after hearing rave reviews, was waiting for us inside of the box.

I read the intro, which is written for the parent, out loud and started in on Chapter One of Apples, the first book in the series.

I read the chapter, and Emily abandoned her Legos and began listening intently. At the end of the chapter were questions for her to answer. She wrote the answers down, we checked them (they were all correctly answered) and she demanded we continue to the next chapter.

At the end of this chapter’s questions she exclaimed, “What is their obsession with the number seven? That is so last year!”

After all, she’s been eight for two whole days…

So far, Life of Fred seems like a WIN. More on this as it develops.

Spelling at the Dinner Table

I know plenty of parents spell at the dinner table and other moments when they are hoping to keep information out of little ears. We never have, and it seems that the window of opportunity has now closed. At least, if we do, it will be with the kiddo’s full involvement. Here is how the discussion this evening went.

Emily: Eww, this pasta is gross. I said I wanted it my way, not this way.

Dave: Eat it, stop being a B-R-A-T.

Emily: I’m not a brat. [leans over to me] Daddy is B-A-D.

Me: Daddy is not bad, he’s a good daddy.

Emily: He isn’t. He’s B-A-D and so is this pasta.

Me: Stop being a S-N-O-T

Emily: What does that spell?

Me: Sound it out.

Emily: I won’t sound it out, you tell me…NOW!

Me: I won’t you recalcitrant little B-R-A-T.

Dave: At least she didn’t call me a D-O-G. But really, I’m G-O-D.

Emily: [snapping] Oh please, you are NOT God.

We get along so well. Spelling all the way.

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