Life of Fred – Butterflies!

With many of learning adventures, I’ll introduce a book or subject that seems to be something the kiddo likes, but turns out after a few forays into it, to not be.

I have a child who wants desperately to please me, so it sometimes takes a few go rounds before I discover that the perfect curriculum is simply not so perfect.

And with Life of Fred, as with Story of the World, I have waited for the other shoe to drop and for me to discover that I would need to find something else that motivated/interested my little learner.

However, Life of Fred continues to interest and motivate her. We have finished with the first book, Life of Fred: Apples and moved on to Life of Fred: Butterflies and we completed two chapters yesterday.

The author recommends only completing one chapter per day. They go so quickly, and the story is so captivating to Emily, that often she demands a second chapter, and in the case of yesterday, a third. However, that is often way too much. I notice that there are concepts being introduced in each of the chapters that, frankly, need to sit and process a while. When we did yesterday’s lessons, opening Butterflies for the first time, we did two chapters, but Em had a couple of difficulties during the second chapter and began to get very frustrated and upset with herself. She calmed down and then at the end of it wanted Chapter 3, but I told her we needed to focus on other studies.

Each chapter literally takes maybe ten minutes from beginning to end. Super simple, but also clearly introducing multiple ideas and concepts in a way that is subtle and empowering.

I highly recommend the Life of Fred. I’ve gone through and will be adding the rest of the sets to my wish list. There are quite a few – including Language Arts.

One tiny complaint/issue. The author is pushing a Christian, conservative perspective. So far it hasn’t popped up too bad, “Fred prayed” or “Fred wondered if this is what heaven looked like.” But I have heard from another homeschool mom that the higher grade books teach Tea Party economics. I think that, when we get to that stage, knowing that going in, I can better provide perspective on anything that is too lopsided one way or the other.

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