Lemonade Stand…Success!

It was insanely windy…

We didn’t manage to make the lemon thyme crisps…

I didn’t have enough sleep and I was a complete grouch…

We only sold three cups of soda…

But despite all that. I have to say, our lemonade stand/mini garage sale was a success!

So what did we manage to sell?…About $130 in sales all told for the full day. We sold…

  • 3 cups of homemade soda for $1.00 per cup
  • 6 bottles of mosquito repellant @ $2.50 per bottle
  • $40 in honey
  • 3 jars of strawberry jam @ $4.00 each
  • A “Click-Clack” futon convertible bed that my husband swears was designed by the Marquis de Sade (guaranteed to ensure your houseguests don’t overstay their welcome) for $26
  • Electric weed-whacker with two batteries for $15

And while I did not manage to take any pictures of our windblown adventure in the sun. Here is our newly updated chart for our savings for Disneyland. Thanks to an additional $19 we pulled in from friends and family at our 4th Annual Garden Party in honey, produce and mosquito repellant sales – we are now at 16% of our goal!

Considering that we are tentatively planning this trip for late summer 2013 – we are well on our way to a most achievable goal!

Lessons learned:

  • people seem scared of the term “homemade soda.”
  • I really need to make more mosquito repellant
  • Emily is very cute – lots of people said so
  • If we put the lemonade stand RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROAD we can do car-side service! (this worked with two cars in a row, they even ponied up in line behind one another)
  • I absolutely DETEST hosting garage sales – that said, I really just need to set up at other people’s garage sales – who is planning on having one? Give us a call, and we’ll coordinate!
  • Neighbor children are irresistibly attracted to entrepreneurship…must find a way to utilize this better
  • I need to also offer some lemonade, since this is apparently what people were interested in and did not receive upon stopping. That and two kinds of cookies…that ought to do it!

It was a great learning experience and Emily was a trooper for most of it. I am hoping to have another lemonade stand in a month or so, once the weather is warmer it should be far more successful.

If you are interested in adding attraction and draw to your garage sale, invite us to set up a lemonade stand at your next event!


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