Last Week of (My) Homeschool Freedom

I’ve got just a couple more days of homeschool freedom before I take back homeschool from my eldest daughter, Dee. She has been doing a fabulous job of homeschooling her sister in the last few weeks – Emily has responded beautifully and been involved, excited, and really learned a lot.

Emily’s Progress

With clarity and consistency, I’ve seen Em really blossom in the past few weeks. With her reading skills increasing every day (you should hear her reel off her spelling and sight word lists, she says them so fast I can barely keep up), so too have her spelling skills.

The first week, on the first day, she managed one right out of ten. by the fourth day, she had one wrong out of ten. The rule is that she will be done for the week as soon as she achieves 100% on a test.

Last week she had five right at the beginning of the week and it gradually increased to 100% by the end of the week.

So far it has taken her all five days of testing before getting 100%, but who knows, this week might be different (I’m writing this on Thursday of the 4th week and she only has two words out of the ten that are giving her difficulties)

I love all of the journal entries she has been making, along with the interpretive art. On Wednesday she drew the cupid from Botticelli’s Primavera, complete with the blindfold. They have also been watching art documentaries and will be going to the Nelson Atkins for a wrap-up to the month.

Excellent work, Dee!

Start Juggling!

A month ago I basically reset my schedule and, while maintaining my upcoming classes and growing the cleaning biz, started back into focusing on my writing, as well as marketing, marketing, marketing.

But marketing in a good way, because I could never do the hard sell. No thanks!

In any case, I realized this week that, a) I would need to take things over next week, b) I still hadn’t figured in reading (yes, I’ve totally dropped the ball on that) daily (and that’s my own reading, folks, not hers), and stretching.

Now that might sound silly, but I’ve been having ever-increasing problems with sciatic pain and flexibility. I also know that, as a writer, I need to read more. Mix that in with homeschool and trying to get more income in the door, and I’m faced with not enough hours in the day. I’m not kidding, it’s a crap load and seems like it’s just getting busier and busier.

Homeschool Tracking

A discussion on homeschool tracking with one of the local homeschool groups I belong to got me to thinking. Specifically, there was a question of whether or not a mom should log the titles of all of the books read.

The idea occurred to me…why not put Emily in charge of that? She’s the one reading the books after all. We began using daily checklists a couple of months ago. Each day as she goes through her homeschool activities, she marks off what she has completed on the checklist. This could work well for tracking books she is reading as well. I could add a couple of lines down at the bottom with the question: “What books are you reading?” and allow her to fill them in.

So I’m going to try that and see what happens. If I ever need to provide records, it should be a simple matter of disseminating the information out of the daily checklists.


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