Juggling Priorities – Homeschool


I’m feeling good these days, although when I really get into the swing of things I feel like a world-class juggler.

So after some serious down time over the holidays – and fighting off depression – I emerged with some specific goals for the New Year.

I’m going to take them one post at a time…



I had really dropped the ball for a while. That might sound terrible – after all, I’m supposed to be my daughter’s teacher – how could I NOT be on top of things?


Looking back I have to say, that in many ways she was not ready, and neither was I, for her next phase in learning. The good news is that right now, this past few days, these past few weeks and month, we have both slipped into a great pattern for homeschool that works for both of us.


Dropping the ball HAPPENS – it’s part of life – and I can see that even at those moments when we didn’t have a basic pattern or schedule to rely on, she was learning. So I have decided that I’m going to not beat myself up over any fluctuations (which only leads to feeling depressed and MORE fluctuations as I soul search and question myself or overthink things) and instead concentrate on…


Hooray, we have a pattern for homeschooling! It goes like this:


  • Every morning we have an activity or destination to be at, I wake her up at least 90 minutes before we have to leave. (That means I have until 8am this morning to write)
  • We dress, eat breakfast, brush hair.
  • I often read from a book there at the table (poetry, moral stories, history, etc) while she finishes her breakfast
  • We do the Word of the Day and talk about words and language arts in general
  • On days we don’t have to be somewhere in the morning she wanders into the homeschool room, creates art, asks to play games, listens to me read from the history book Story of the World, or we have other open learning activities
  • We have Waldorf school on Friday mornings – arts, movement, open play, and language arts are covered there
  • We have various field trips through a homeschool co-op that happen throughout the month
  • Both her dad and I read to her each night from different books – he handles graphic novels and I’m currently reading 100 Cupboards to her

And on and on and on.

Most homeschool learning – from the books we read to the basic learning activities here are easily accomplished within one hour each day, sometimes a little more. That’s the organized part of it. The rest of it happens by following her interests of which there are many!

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