It’s Like They Were Double-Killed!

I haven’t had much to say about homeschooling recently because my husband Dave has been leading the charge. Every weekday morning he sits down with Em and goes through Math, Social Studies, spelling, and more. They have really been flying through the material.

i will mention here how fabulous and wonderful that has been for me. You cannot believe the amount of stuff I’ve been able to get accomplished thanks to his handling this important component each day!

Today, however, he had a meeting to attend. So as soon as she was out of the bath and we had run a few errands, we got to it.I read from the Geography Almanac for Kids:

“A brown-gray color dye was achieved by grinding up Egyptian mummies.”

Emily gasped in horror, “It’s like they were double-killed!”

She cracks me up!

Time to get some lunch, take her to LEARN Math and Science, and then back home to finish up with a spelling test and have her practice her cello.

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