It’s All in the Question

A Question A Day


I bought these two books (Emily’s a few weeks ago and mine came in this week) and I am enjoying them quite a bit. They sit at my spot at the dining room table, and I ask Emily the “question of the day” over breakfast.

The kid version is for three years, while the adult version is for five years. It asks 365 different questions and you get to see an evolution (or not) in the answers over the years. I just write her answers down verbatim.


Emily is really enjoying it as well.I have been learning a lot from her answers. For example, when asked what age she would like to be and why, she said, “I want to be in the 4th grade (10 years old) so that I would be more interested in the things my mama is interested in.”

I can only guess that this has something to do with my rapport with the neighborhood boy, Anthony, who has a great interest in gardening and yard projects. She’s heard me talk about him to others, I wonder if she feels jealous in some small way?

In any case, if you are interested in doing this for yourself or the kiddo(s), click on the links below. I get a tiny portion of the sale (and at no expense to you) if you buy through Amazon and that helps support this little blog. I made $6.45 a month or so ago!

Reading Update

I wish I had good news to report on Emily’s reading skills. I can’t help but feel worried, even as the voice of reason tells me that these things can very quickly accelerate, that she is still only six years old, and on and on.

Finland doesn’t even begin formal instruction until age seven…

In any case, I administered the Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Vocabulary list to her yesterday. Of the 40 words listed, she quickly read nineteen, the other 21 were either too difficult or past the window of five seconds. The ones circled are the ones she could read…


She may have been overly nervous, because I swear, many of these she had read before, without a hitch. Could my child have test anxiety? She knows words like “my, not, play and red” and so many more.

I’m going to try and get her to take the Primer Sight Vocabulary list today – we were interrupted by a phone call by my eldest and so didn’t do any more – to Emily’s obvious relief. She gets so anxious, despite me being as low-key as possible over it.


There are also First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade Vocab lists if you would like to try them out on your kiddos.

I’m going to continue to promote reading on a daily basis. That, and writing as well. We keep a notebook in the van now, with plenty of pens. As I drive around on errands I typically see a billboard or other information that I ask Emily to write down. She likes this (for the most part) because I remind her that I need her help and I’m so busy driving I can’t write and drive at the same time.

So writing practice, along with a fair amount of spelling practice, will also help to cement the words in her head. The other day I saw an ad for the Maker Faire at Union Station and asked her to write it down…


She turned the J in June around and still has some trouble with her numbers. I’ve noticed that she usually writes in caps, but when it comes to the i typically writes it in lowercase.

And here is an example of some creative spelling…


That’s Emily’s Restaurant for all of you great unwashed. She did a fair job trying to figure out how to spell it!

The cards she prepared were apparently vouchers for free food at her restaurant. I tried to make an order for weasel soup and stewed carrots but she said that she didn’t have either. Oh well!

Don’t forget to get your own Q&A books!…


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2 Responses to It’s All in the Question

  1. Tom says:

    Sounds like she’s right on track for a six year old 🙂 . I’m pretty sure I wrote some of my letters (and even words) backwards up until 2nd grade or so! Don’t sweat it!

  2. Tom says:

    Don’t sweat it! There’s no time limit. I’m pretty sure I was writing letters backward until I was in 3rd grade. Lucy and her friends do it all the time, too. Fun is the important thing 🙂