I’m Back and Thank You

No way! I haven’t posted in nearly three weeks?!

Ai carumba!

Well here is a big thank you to all of my homeschool peeps (you know who you are…or should) for all that they do and the wonderful people that they are. In the past few months I’ve had my friends (both new and old) and even a couple I just knew in passing, really step in and help me when I desperately needed it.

You are wonderful and I love you all…

It might just be me and my experiences, but I have found the homeschool community at large to be such a kind and nurturing one.

  • Perhaps it is because, after all, we like spending our days with our kids.
  • Perhaps it is because we all share that “it takes a village” mentality.
  • And perhaps I’m just really, REALLY lucky.

In the past couple of months I have had at least four situations where other moms, some who I knew well, and others not as much, have stepped in to care for my child in a time of need.

Usually it involved me being either overscheduled or sick – but the kiddo has thrived from these encounters – been taken care of, spoiled (although I have been assured by them that they did not think her capable of being spoiled – always a good sign), and entertained while I ran to an overabundance of work appointments or suffered from illness, et cetera.

Words cannot express how much these kind gestures have meant to me. They have helped me feel a part of a community far bigger than our little nuclear family unit. They have reminded me that I am not alone, that my child is liked and cared for, and that I have options and support.

From sleepovers to days out to simple trips to our co-op, they have been there. Friends, acquaintances, just fellow homeschool moms (and dads).

I guess I appreciate it more because I remember the years when I didn’t have that. It makes you thankful for the small things that many might take for granted.

Raising my child isn’t a lonely adventure – it is shared in laughter, rides offered, time and energy and kindness in all directions. And it reminds me that, when life deals me a whopper, I’m not alone.

And that is a really, REALLY good feeling.

Thank you, all of you, Bethany, Kerrie, Nicole, Sara, Kristin, Tom, Cheryl (and if I have forgotten anyone please, please PLEASE forgive me) – you have reminded me that I have some wonderful allies, friends and kind folks in the community.

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