I Think I’ll Let Her Drive…

great quote

I just noticed this on my Facebook feed and had to re-post it. It is a beautiful idea, one we can all aspire to.

Having Her Pick the Classes

A couple of months ago, Em and I were looking through one of our random books – from our homeschool shelves and found Science Around the House. She was captivated by the different experiments and coincidentally we were faced with trying to figure out a class for our local co-op. “Why not have a Fun Science class and base it on these experiments?” I suggested.

Emily was instantly excited and began marking all of the experiments she was interested in. We narrowed it down to four experiments and broke them into two classes – one in January (Lava Lamps and Rainbow Milk) and one in February (ph Indicator and Quicksand).

We submitted the class outlines and waited to hear if anyone was interested in signing up. One class was completely full and a special request for an 11th (I had set a cap of 10 students) was accommodated. The second class was nearly filled as well.

I told Em, “From now on, I think you should pick the classes. Your ideas seem to be very popular!”

If You Had Told Me Then

If you had pulled that 16-year-old me aside and said, “So, you will be teaching fun science classes to homeschoolers in a few decades” – I wouldn’t have believed you, not for a second. Sometimes I wish I could travel back to that me in the past and give her a couple of pointers about just how her life would change in amazing ways over the coming years.

Life is good.

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