I Don’t Learn Much

This past weekend I picked my daughter up from a stay at my mom’s. As we were driving, I asked her about her visit and she mentioned she had talked to my dad on the phone. He is an ex-pat living in Panama. My relations have been strained with him for over a year, but I was glad to hear she had a chance to talk to him.

She told me he was cat-sitting a three-eared cat, which sounded odd, yet fascinating. “Did he ask you any questions?” I asked her.

“Yes, he asked me about my homeschool.”

“Oh? And what did you tell him?”

“That I don’t learn that much.”

I nearly wrecked the car. “What?!”

After a great deal of questions, explanations and answers back and forth, I finally began to understand what she was saying.

She wasn’t saying she isn’t learning anything. Instead, she was stating that homeschool didn’t take up a great deal of her day. We talked for quite a while, partly going into what a regular school day would consist of if she were in public or private school.

She was comparing the time we spend learning each day to the time her public school friends spend away at school and then afterwards as they muck their way through hours of homework.

The “not learning much” could be more accurately described as “not spending hours upon hours in a traditional classroom.” And let’s face it – if you are a teacher trying to get a concept across to 30 students, it’s going to take a wee bit longer than it does for just one student.

So we clarified that. But it opened the door for more discussion on WHAT she wants to be learning on a daily basis.

Heaven forbid that she should be bored, or feel she wasn’t learning!

If you are a homeschooler – how much time is spent actively teaching/learning each day?

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