I Cleaned Up the Homeschool Room

Man oh man, am I ever pooped. I just cleaned the messiest room EVER.

Situated right off of our dining room, the homeschool room is approximately 12×12, so 144 square feet of madness. The long table we have for crafts and more was stacked full of stuff. Pens, pencils, paints, papers, and so much more were strewn everywhere.

I had eyed it with increasing agitation for about a month now. I swear to you, it was so bad that I seriously considered setting fire to it or throwing every doggone bit of it in the garbage.

And for a professional organizer (yes, yet another of my super-abilities) to say that it was intimidating (after having worked with hoarders), you know it had to be bad.

It took over two hours of me working steadily to get it to the point where it is at least acceptable. There are still a few things to be gone through, but it is miles better than it was.

Now my 7-year-old can get busy creating art for the farmer’s market. She will have her own section of the table at the farmer’s market with a sign that says “Emily’s Originals” and will sell her work for 25 cents or more, depending on the intricacy and materials.

Having this room usable once more is such a load off. I feel like I can move in it, and Emily can create in it…both are very good things!

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