Homeschooling, Unschooling, and Fostering Entrepreneurship

We are unschoolers, which is often construed as being anti-school or anti-learning. That would not be correct. Unschooling is what each of us does on a regular basis in our daily lives.

If you are the inquisitive sort, or even if you are not, what do you do when you are curious about some new term, idea, art, et cetera? You research it, you look it up. It all starts with a question – what is this, who is this, how does this work, and on and on.

Unschooling is just that. Most people refer to it as child-led learning, but honestly it is self-directed learning regardless of age.

In any case, I tend to go off on tangents on a regular basis. I do this by exposing myself to a large wealth of knowledge and information whenever possible. Recently that has included going through various homeschool magazines, some old, some new and marking ideas or thoughts that stand out.

For instance, while reading through a 2004 edition of Home Education Magazine about a young homeschooled boy in Britain who liked to play “Shop” with his mother, I got the great idea of promoting entrepreneurship in my daughter. Specifically, helping to guide her in determining what were reasonable prices for different crafts or artwork she might want to sell at the farmer’s market.

That question, what to charge, has guided several conversations on pricing – giving her a basic understanding of supply and demand, marketing, and more. In this same magazine there was another article from a grandmother who had encouraged her grandkids to start their own pumpkin patch to make money. Now granted, she lived on a farm where there was plenty of room for such things. But she helped guide her grandchildren through all of the steps, from preparing the soil, cultivating the pumpkins, removing grasshoppers, and finally to selling their home-grown harvest.

And now I think I will go read a final article in this magazine on science experiments with eggs.

Wait for it!…

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