Homeschooling (or Not) In the Midst of…

Okay, I’ll admit it.

This past month I’ve been an awful example of a homeschool mom.

I’ll explain.

Around the end of October I became obsessed with buying an old Victorian house in the Northeast neighborhood of Kansas City. With twice as many rooms and probably triple the space, and on five city lots, it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

Land…old house…dream of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, that dream led to obsession – to the point that I still go to sleep at night thinking of the house, and wake up in the morning placing furniture, painting walls, and planting trees – all in my mind.

On Saturday night we had the owners of the house over. They don’t live in this house, they have been rehabbing it for a number of years, but we have met them and are becoming friends.

We reviewed a contract for sale and put our earnest money deposit down and in approximately three months I will be sleeping under the roof of our “new” old house.

But during all this I completely lost the ability to homeschool. Other than reading to her, and doing an art project or two, Emily’s schooling has been like an unmanned ship drifting through the ocean waters.

I’m not proud of that. I believe that consistency, as much as is humanly possible, is key to learning and growing.

Emily has a huge, kind heart. And while moving is not first in her list of choices (she will miss her friends dreadfully) she realized quickly how much it means to me and has been squirreling away money “to pay for our new house.” I think she’s up to a couple of dollars now.

I really love that child.

As things have begun to resolve into a workable plan on the “buying a house and moving” front, my thoughts have increasingly returned to homeschool. How can I re-introduce learning opportunities? How can I pull away the movies and tv shows she has been watching and replace them with interaction, thoughtful discussion and one-on-one time?

What should we focus on?

I feel like a bad homeschool mama, but I’m determined to make it better. Even in the face of our impending move. I’ve already packed a good half of our lives away, and will continue to do so in quiet moments while she is sleeping. This means less away time – a packed box is a heck of a sight easier to take and move than a full china cabinet is.

Balance…must find the balance…

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