Homeschooling – Yes, It Really Is “That Simple”

I just wrote a line that I’m especially pleased with…

Homeschooling is something that occurs naturally in all healthy and loving homes – it is a child’s natural learning state, conducted by a person who understands them better than any hired teacher ever could.

I was writing it to a friend and the words just flowed out, but I recognize the essential truth of it. This past Monday I attended a homeschooling meeting with L.E.A.R.N. (Let Education Always Remain Natural), which is a secular homeschooling group in Kansas City. My daughter will be four years old in October and while it is early still to begin ‘official’ schooling, I think it is the perfect time to begin making connections and finding other homeschooling moms with children her age range.

I homeschooled my older daughter, now 21, through her high school years out of necessity. I wasn’t happy with the school district we were in and she was so unhappy in school. After I pulled her out I gave her a few weeks to decompress and asked her what she wanted to learn. She would go on to study Women’s History, American Politics, and College-level Algebra, among other things. Sometimes she would spend an entire week on history, other times writing essays on what she had learned. No day was the same, no week planned to the nth degree.

And then along came her baby sister and her dad and I decided we would try homeschooling from the start. And so I have been planning on this for years.I went on to write:

The thing about homeschooling to keep in mind is this: You are already homeschooling. You’ve been homeschooling since the day she was born. Every time you count with her, involve her in cooking, cleaning, exercise, pet care, reading, or nature – you are homeschooling…Whenever you answer her questions, teach her something, ask her a math question…that’s homeschooling.

There are dozens of websites, scores of books, and plenty of people who can tell you more about homeschooling. No, it isn’t for everyone, but it is a real and wonderful option and opportunity that could make the difference for your child and instill a love of learning that is lifelong.

Something to think about…

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