Homeschool P.E. and Nature Walks

With a new puppy to train and exercise and the non-winter having turned to days in the 50s and 60s (in February/March – how crazy is that?) we are out of the house and on walks more and more.

Recently at a friend’s house I noticed they were growing moss, which the dad and daughter had collected during a walk. “That’s just what I need!” I had said, thinking of a glass dome/cheese board combo and a spare teacup I had. After seeing it I was determined to find my own bit of moss and begin growing it.

We went on a walk down to the nearby creek earlier this week and here is some lovely moss that I found…

Some of the moss had another plant growing in it. I’m not sure what the plant is, but it looked neat, so I kept it. There was also a neat looking burr and a rock that we found…

Emily spied the remains of a fresh-water mussel and we added that to the collection after spritzing it all down with water…

My goal is to get out, every day, for some kind of exercise.

On Wednesday Emily attended her first session of Homeschool P.E. at the local community center. For $18, she can go every Wednesday in March and learn about different sports. This past Wednesday was soccer, which apparently didn’t interest her much – she’s still very much people-oriented and probably would have been more than happy to just play with the other kids.

However, this is different and new, and we will see how it goes. At the very least, between the nature walks and Homeschool P.E., her physical education needs are being taken care of.

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