Homeschool Myths

Note to reader: A few years ago I had written up “Homeschool Myths” and I just ran across it in my files. I’ve added some detail to them and I’m going to take these week by week…so here goes…

On a typical school day in the United States, 75 million children will spend a majority of their day exclusively in the company of their age-mates. However, nearly 3.2 million children will have a far different structure to their day. For these homeschooled children, their homes and families are the center of their life and learning.

Who are these homeschoolers and why do they homeschool? Are they religious zealots? Are their children anti-social or under-educated? Myths and misunderstanding about homeschooling still abound.

Myth #1 – Homeschoolers are Religious Nutjobs

Myth #2 – Homeschool Children are Not Socialized

Myth #3 – Homeschooled Children Won’t Be Able to Attend College or Hold Down a Job

Myth #4 – Parents Aren’t Qualified to Teach Their Children

Got a homeschool myth that I haven’t covered? Contact me, I would love to hear from you!

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