Homeschool Budget


For the past couple of years I have had a homeschool budget set for $600 per year. And while it very well may increase in the years to come, that has been the average expenditures for us over the past few years.

Mainly this budget consists of classes at LEARN, KC-CIRCLE, LEARN Math & Science Club, summer camps, and a small number of books.

And since I was reviewing my budget a lot in the past few weeks, I couldn’t help but wonder if that amount of money was being spent in the right places. More specifically, I wanted to know what Emily wanted to spend that money on.

So today we spent about half an hour taking a look at that money and generating possible options.


  • LEARN classes 3 classes per semester, approx. $100 per semester, or $200/year
  • KC-CIRCLE classes, $66 per semester, 3 sessions per year, $200/year
  • One week of summer camp $180. $20 remaining for books.


  • LEARN classes, cap of 2 classes per semester, approx. $75/semester or $150/yr
  • KC-CIRCLE classes, cap of $30 per session, or $90 per year
  • two weeks of summer camp, $360


  • LEARN Science & Math club, limited to 1 semester per year, $160
  • LEARN on Wednesdays with a cap of one class per semester, $40 per semester, or $80/yr
  • KC CIRCLE classes, cap of $30 per session, reduced to two sessions per year, $60/yr
  • One week of summer camp $180


  • LEARN Math & Science club, limited to 1 semester per year, $160
  • two weeks of summer camp $360
  • our own field trips to caves and other learning activities $80

I wrote it all out on the blackboard to give her a visual of the possibilities. I presented Option 1, our current use of the funds, and Option 2, another viable way to spend the money. But I could see she wanted something more. So we talked about Option 3, and then finally she came up with Option 4.

I can sit here all day and guess at what she wants to do, but in the end, I find it far easier to ask her!

I have to say, I’m rather impressed with her idea. I hadn’t thought of it, but she certainly did. Perhaps I can come up with a list of places, run it past her, and even invite others along.

I told her we would re-assess twice a year, and work with the options before us at that point.

It looks like we will do the summer session with KC-CIRCLE and then stop, although I imagine that will not stick (she loves going to the Coterie and Paul Mesner Puppets, so she will miss it), and that this is only the first in many negotiations to come. I’ve told her I definitely want to teach a class at LEARN this fall, although she has no interest in attending it, and will probably just play in the gym for an hour before we leave and go to Park Side.

I was surprised by her choices, honestly. But it made me happy that I had asked, because what she wants is important to me. This is HER education, not mine.

Next on the agenda is our quarterly “So, what do you want to learn about?” idea-generating time for specific homeschool studies.

I’m betting that she will definitely want to continue to do…

  • Math – using the Life of Fred series
  • History – using the Story of the World
  • Literature – anytime I read to her is a happy day in her world

And as for the rest? Well, I suppose that is up to her!

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