Hey There, Stranger!

Geez Louise, I get so busy with…LIFE…I turn around and realize it has been a loooong time between posts.

So I’ve been posting on Bubblews about a few things I wanted to make sure you had seen. (p.s. If you click Like I get 2 cents – 1 cent for a view and 1 cent for a Like, and believe me it adds up). If you are curious/interested about making money on Bubblews, consider signing up here.

There is the Death of Common Sense that I wrote about. I’m mainly talking about adults lacking it, but it begs the question, how are we teaching common sense to our kiddos? What can we do to make sure that is a part of our day-to-day lives?

To add to my flip-flopping back and forth on the issue of reading, I recently decided to stop enabling Emily to NOT read. No Reading? No TV! discusses that decision. And An Update on TV continues that discussion nearly two weeks later.

Emily might be homeschooled, but she still gets to experience these strange rites of passage. And I pose the question of whether or not people swear in front of their kids.

We’re talking about Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events here, and I will be posting later a story that incorporate some of Lemony Snicket’s style in a later post.

I’ve got a lot on my plate and sometimes the smallest thing leads to frustrating, trying moments. Here is one account of me dealing with it somewhat successfully.

And my thoughts on the things we don’t say to our grown children.

I’ve also been working on Teaching Empathy – although my little ambassador needs few lessons in it, there are still teachable moments.

Emily is also learning more responsibility and being given more independence as well – two biggies in making her way toward adulthood (although these years have flown by way too fast for my comfort).

And when it comes to entertaining herself, Emily is an expert. I must give my little extrovert that – she plays great with others and yet still manages to have great fun on her own. Here is some Yard Yodeling I caught in the act.

And last, but not least, a jaunt back to the past. This is the humorous story (and poem) of a Pheasant(less) Phoot.

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