Help If You Can

While I do not know this family personally, many do. They are homeschoolers and about a month ago, the husband was in a terrible car accident. Sandwiched between two semis, he suffered life-altering spinal cord injuries and has a long road towards rehabilitation in front of him.

Our finances do not allow for me to contribute much at this time, but I have sent Sarah an email offering my services – my housecleaning and organizing expertise – as she struggles to prepare their house for sale.

I hope you will consider helping this family out – even a small donation of money helps. And if you are able to help them in other ways I urge you to consider how. Perhaps you know a realtor who will forego their fee or reduce it to help this family out? Perhaps you know of someone who can donate their time to help them move when the time comes?

Here is a fund in which you can help. It also contains an email address to contact the wife, Sarah and see if you can’t help her in other ways than money donations: Help the Holdemans

This family has a long fight ahead of them. I wish them the best in help and health to make it happen.

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