Happy Birthday to My Eldest (and More…)

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Happy Birthday to My Beautiful and Talented Firstborn

I want to take this opportunity to announce to all and sundry that today is my eldest daughter’s birthday.

Now everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIELLE!!!!!

It boggles my mind that you are 27 years old now.

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And don’t even get me started on how absolutely right it feels having you here, in our home, and planning a future so close to us, the family that loves you. These last few months have been amazing and gratifying and healing for me, and I think for you as well.

You made me a mother, and your presence in my life changed me in ways I cannot properly describe. To have you come home again, and to be a person I could respect and agree with and enjoy companionship with has been a great gift.


I hope that your birthday is perfect in every way!

Swim With the Tide

Secretly I hope that Em will pick up Chaucer, the Bronte sisters, or hell, even Shakespeare and fall under the spell of truly amazing classical literature.


Because I’m hoping to get a couple of “atta girl’s” out of this whole homeschooling thing, damn it.

Come on, who doesn’t want to sit back and watch their child explore the universe, invent a new lifesaving machine, write a bestselling novel, or some other form of achievement that we can piggyback on. “Why yes, I’m her mother. Oh yes, very proud. What’s that? Oh yes, I homeschooled, sacrificed my days and nights to bring her to the brilliance that she now shows to the world.”

Okay, well, maybe I took that a little too far.

How about I settle for this instead?

She’s reading and she really, REALLY likes graphic novels. So I’m buying/borrowing/checking out from the library a full crap ton of them. Because she’s reading.

And she’s READING.

And I’ll be damned if I am going to take that for granted. I’m also going to swim with the tide and feed her the books she finds so intriguing. That Dragons Beware book? She read it in less than two days.

What tickles me is that she has discovered she gets a little car sick when reading in the car and does it anyway.

I swear to you, I feel like throwing myself on the ground and praising Mother Earth, the Powers That Be, or any other convenient deity. I’m considering throwing a friggin’ party over it. Yes, that’s how happy I am over it.

So I’ve found a great list of graphic novels – 39 Graphic Novels That Kids Can’t Resist and I swear to you, I’m going to order every stinking one of them over the next few months. EVERY…STINKING…ONE.



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