Great Post…by Someone Else

As I nurse a pounding headache this morning (no it isn’t a leftover from New Years, in fact I was asleep by 10pm on New Years) I was checking my favorite blog links and ran across a post that I just had to share.

I met Tom and Kristen a couple of years ago. They live next door to a cleaning client of mine and were having a garage sale. I had just begun bringing Emily with me to cleanings. She was old enough to behave herself in the homes (plus I have wonderful cleaning clients) and when she saw a garage sale, and a little girl, insisted on going over and playing.

I discovered that Kristen had a love of science fiction that rivaled my own and we became friends. Two years later, it is has become a matter of habit to email them prior to the next door cleaning and arrange for a play date. Tom has become a stay-at-home dad and writes regularly about all sorts of things – including their homeschooling adventures.

This particular post of his, Rules (I try to) follow, definitely resonates with me. I agree with all of them, but I fear I fail miserably on the limited media he espouses. Having been in their house many times, I have seen how positive this decision has been – kids play happily without such devices for multiple hours on end. Since we started with tv and movies it is hard to go back, but not impossible. These days I am attempting to incorporate fun activities and projects that include natural things from the outdoors, photography, crafts, and adventures in the kitchen to draw her away from the television. And it is definitely working – Emily has stopped choosing to watch tv first and other things second as a result – without us having to give up our entertainment options.

But back to Tom’s piece…please read it. He covers a lot of common sense parenting principles in his post. Also be sure to check out Chimp Math and Kitty Spell while you are there. The benefits of pairing homeschooling with knowing how to write code are obvious. Emily loves the math and I’ve been meaning to introduce her to Kitty Spell for a while now.

I guess that I’d best get to that!

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