Great Article on Working and Homeschooling

I saw this article pop up on my Google Alerts. It discusses strategies that some parents use to work from home (or simply work alternate shifts from their spouse) and still manage to homeschool. You can find the article here.

With my eldest, age 27, living with us, it has been a bonus. Between the three of us, there is usually someone to help with taking Em to her classes or to read to her and help with homeschooling.

Take this morning for example. My husband is home today, between jobs, which will probably change in a week or so. While he is here at home, however, he has been focusing not just on that long “honey do” list, but also volunteering to handle Em’s homeschool routine.

We have an eclectic curriculum, based on interests and need, so the two of them will tackle the spelling list, reading from A History of Us, reviewing geography facts, watching science videos and more today.

I am in the final edits of my fifth book and am very thankful for the break from homeschooling duties as I work my way through the final stretch!

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