Gotta Love the Internet

Emily asks me the darnedest questions. And like most moms, I’m running to keep up with finding those precious answers. The internet really helps with that.

How Do They Make Cheerios?

Putzing over a bowl of cereal the other day Emily suddenly looked up and asked, “Mama, how do they make Cheerios?”

“I’m not sure, honey.”

“Well,” she said expectantly, “go look it up!”

I really think we need to work more on the “please” portion of the manners. She has “thank you” down pretty well, but still orders me around as if I were a minion set to do her bidding. But Emily had a point, just about everything is on the internet these days. I Googled it, “How are Cheerios made?”

Cheerios posted the following answer…

It’s basically a three-step process.

First, grains, water and other ingredients are mixed and cooked.

Then they’re formed into the familiar “O” shape.

Finally the newly formed Os are puffed and toasted into the cereal you recognize right out of the box.

I was hoping for a video of a factory tour. No such luck. But hopefully this explanation will answer her question to her satisfaction.

Educator Contributions

Recently I found this site thanks to a listserv that I belong to. Teachers Pay Teachers is an interesting website that has plenty of free content that you can download. They appear to be quite open to homeschoolers – when I chose the free registration (which you have to do in order to download anything) it had a homeschool option in the drop-down box.

I found several items that were free to download that I hope will interest Emily and help cement some of the learning objectives for Kindergarten.

What CAN’T You Find on the Internet?

Don’t get me wrong – the Internet and the computer screen will never completely do away with my innate need for dead trees (books). There is something special about books, something tangible and solid and complete about holding a book in my hands and reading the words on a page. But the Internet is staggering in the amount of data available to the inquiring mind. Is it any wonder that the first thing my child says to me when I admit ignorance is to “go look it up”?

What are some of your favorite sites on the Internet?

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