Giving Choices, Creating a Connection, Making Time

While I’m working on that whole ‘patience’ angle (translated: waiting for the books to arrive so I can read them) I’ve been taking some notes on changes I feel need to be made.

Basically, I’ve still felt rather…lost…on the whole homeschool front. I don’t feel there is a solid focus on what we will study, I don’t feel I’ve made a good connection with Emily, and I’m just going through a period of really deep doubt.

Literally, this past Monday I lay in bed for a good thirty minutes thinking, “If I don’t get a handle on this, she would be better off in school.”

Blame it on lack of caffeine, or my cycle, or whatever, but it really hit me hard. Later that day, as I read further in A Thomas Jefferson Education I wrote the following notes:

Stop focusing on the academic side. Find the connectionrelate to her.

Time (more of it, one-on-one)

  • Reading
  • Playing games
  • 100 count puzzles
  • Legos
  • Art (painting, sketching)
  • Incorporate words and writing, write stories together

Perhaps part of the problem is that Emily has always been very good at entertaining herself. She comes in, asks for our attention briefly, and then runs off to play again. I’ve talked with moms who would spend hours playing Barbies and games with their kids. Part of me was in awe. You have the patience to do that? And the other part of me wondered how they ever got anything else done if that much of their time was taken up with playing. I fear that I will be exhausted!

That said, I also made a note to create ‘flash cards’ with pictures of the subject in question on them. Geography for example, with a sketch of a globe, or a scrap of map on the card. One for each homeschool subject, so:

  • Math
  • Reading/Writing
  • Geography
  • Science
  • History
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Art

Did I miss any?

Then on the back of the card, list the options. So the back of the Science card may look like this…

  • Experiments in the Kitchen (cooking)
  • Microscope Time
  • Science Experiment book
  • Animal Science (animal care, beginning biology and more)
  • Weather Watching

And more could be added as you thought of them.

So, what am I going to do with these cards? Put them in an index card box labeled “Our Homeschool Adventure Box” and give it to Emily to choose from each day. “What would you like to learn about today, Emily? Let’s get out the box!”


I think I’ll color ’em with some crayons and get some idea lists added to back of each of the cards. One of our art projects could be decoupaging a plain old file index card box wand then putting them inside.

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