Girl Scouts – It Just Never Took With Me


If you think that homeschoolers are a bunch of shut-in antisocial weirdos, you have never met the families we hang out with. It seems like these weeks of ours are filled with a never-ending stream of activities – two different co-ops, a Wednesday afternoon play group, play dates with friends, Campfire and Girl Scouts.

Man, I get tired just LISTING it all!

Campfire is pretty cool – it’s a family group, so the parents are as involved as the kids, no dropping and running off for us.

And then Emily attends Girl Scouts, an all homeschool group at our local homeschool co-op. She likes it, and I’ve had a hard time saying no to her being a part of it – not just because she wants so much to be in it, but also because the troop leaders have mentioned how much they enjoy having her.

I tried Girl Scouts in the fifth or sixth grade. It seemed like it was all about badges, badges, badges. That and cookie sales. It just never took with me and I fear I am lackluster at best when performing my parenting duties in this arena. Selling cookies underwhelms me every year. I feel a vague sense of guilt over not being willing to make more than the passing effort to sell cookies.

Then again, really, I fail to see how selling a crap ton of cookies for a supposedly non-profit organization actually HELPS my daughter. That is how I feel about most fundraisers though. I kind of see them as a racket.

What do you think about Girl Scouts? And selling cookies? Do you really think it empowers girls? Or uses them to make money? Or both?

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