Giant Spiders?

A few weeks ago Emily found an enormous spider in the yard. It was well over two inches long, pushing three. I took some pictures to show to Dave later. He’s the amateur entomologist in the family. A few days later, in the wee hours of the morning, Emily appeared in our room.

“I had a scary dream, Mama.” I struggled to mumble reassurances out of my own sleepy fog.

“There were giant spiders in my room.”

Her dad grumped irritably, “Go back to bed!”

“But I’m scared of the spiders!”

“Okay, baby, but there aren’t any giant spiders in your room.”

“But there could be!”

We moved over and she nestled in between. At that hour in the morning, it just seemed easier than arguing.

The next morning we went to Powell Gardens and went through their giant bug exhibit…

She looks a bit nervous

Look Out!!!!

You’re right Emily, there could be a giant spider in your room!

p.s. Here was the spider we found in the backyard…

“Leave Me ALONE!”

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