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I Tried to Give It CPR

I decided that I would stay at home today and not bop about. Sometimes it feels as if every day we are busy going somewhere and honestly, I needed a bit of a break. Especially because the clutter/cleanliness quotient of the house were getting out of control.

With Emily now doing daily chores, I haven’t felt like I was keeping up my end of things. The kitchen was a mess and the vacuuming I have on the schedule to do on Sundays was still not done.

So we tidied up the upstairs and I vacuumed that. The stairs, which Emily had vacuumed on Sunday, were in good shape and I decided to thoroughly clean the kitchen before vacuuming the main floor.

It took a while. I decluttered, wiped everything down, cleaned the outsides of all the cabinets, and got the dishwasher running. As I began to vacuum the front entry, Emily dashed by me, running upstairs.

Later, when I had almost finished she came over and said, “Do you know why I ran past so quick?”

“You don’t like the loud vacuum?”

“No, I was trying to save a bug I had found being squashed by a plate in the homeschool room.” Still clad in only her underwear, she ran for the nearest door that she thought would not have anyone’s attention, the upper back deck.

“Did it make it?” I asked.

She shook her head sadly, “I even tried to give it CPR.”

I about laughed until I cried. I love that little girl!

Her First Letter

The kiddo has been fully focused on Language Arts this morning.

It started with breakfast and the new Lego magazine in the mail. As she ate her cereal, she paged through the magazine, commenting on some of the different builds. 

After breakfast she located a pen and began working on a symbol/word puzzle – one that shows different patterns for the different letters. You fill in the letter blanks to find the answer to the riddle.

Afterwards, she did a word search, which was also in the magazine and talked about how she wanted to go to Legoland California. We have a Legoland exhibit here in Kansas City and we discussed possibly taking her older sister and her son when they visit later this month.

“Mama, I’m going to go make a scroll.” She said, heading towards the homeschool room. I suggested she use the roll of butcher paper that is sitting on the table and I continued cleaning the kitchen and picking up the main level of the house.

A few minutes later she returned, scroll in hand. “Mama, read what I wrote!”

It was an honest-to-God letter to Tim (my grandson, and her nephew) and my eldest daughter. It had a few creative spelling issues here and there, but it was the first letter she had ever written completely on her own with no suggestions, guidance or other help.

I guess when the gates to literacy unlock, the floodwaters flow freely.

Telling her dad about it this afternoon got me all misty-eyed. I’ve wanted this for her for so long now. Her world has opened up in ways she is only now discovering – and I couldn’t be more happy or proud!

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