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Funny Things Kids Say

A few nights ago, torrential rains had moved in, soaking the ground, flooding the streets. And in the morning it wasn’t much better. We had a puppet show to attend at 9:45, about a half hour away, and as we turned on the house alarm and locked the door, the rain began to pour down in earnest yet again.

We ran for the van, jumped inside, and I laughed Emily’s frantic attempt to shut her umbrella while the rain poured into her side of the van.

She was flustered and, as we pulled away from the curb said, “Mama, drive slow, or else we might lose fraction!”


Eh, close enough!

Adventures in Reading – Fun With Word Magnets

I am exploiting the newest advances in reading as often as possible with my young daughter. And recently that has included the word magnets on the fridge.

We put together silly sayings, search for words, and have a good time. I’m trying to make it into a bit of a regular thing, each time we are in the kitchen, to play around with the word magnets and come up with new combinations.

This helps immeasurably with her reading and is yet another way for us to connect words and reading with fun – something I think my daughter needs desperately to move forward into a more reading mindset.

If you have children, what are some ways you use to encourage reading?

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