Free Books, Fun Stops – Promote Learning & Reading in Your Kiddos This Summer!

Last year we earned at least two or three free books. I love the summer reading program through our local library and so many others – here are a few links to get you started…

Mid-Continent Public Library Summer Reading Program

Learn all about the free books (up to THREE!) and other prizes you can win by clicking here. We have participated for the past two years in Mid-Continent’s summer reading program and others held throughout the year. The librarians go all out at the Grandview branch – last year we had a yellow submarine and Emily was jazzed about visiting the library (not that she isn’t normally…she LOVES the library and considers Miss Kelly (the storytime leader) one of her best friends. “I LOVE Miss Kelly!” How many umpteen times have I heard her say that? Too many times to count.

In any case, check it out here.

Nature Nuts Reading Program

Go into the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center and sign up for any number of fun activities scheduled for this summer and be sure to pick up the Nature Nuts Reading Program flyer in order to receive a free nature explorer gift after you have read four books from the attached book list.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Click here to view the details on the program – read eight books and turn in the log for a free book AND a chance to receive a FREE color NOOK. I wouldn’t say “no” to a free NOOK!

Kansas City Public Library Reading Program

For those sports-minded individuals…registration for the kids 12 and under program starts on June 1st and just 12 hours of reading gets you a free book and Royals tickets (while supplies last!) Read all about their program here.

Whew! And If That Wasn’t Enough…

Here are several more that KC Metro Moms collected. Go get ’em Tiger Moms!

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