Following the Interests

This week, and last week, have had a heavy emphasis on gauging interests and seeing where they lead.

After all, that is one the big pluses of homeschooling, that we can give them the basics, while spending time following their interests to see where they lead.

Harmony Project KC

Emily is now signed up for Harmony Project KC, which will begin January 13th. If you are interested, and live in the Historic Northeast, this program is free for the youth in the area. There are low-income requirements stated on the website, however, they told me that the program is free to all, with priority given to the lower-income families. At this time there are still openings and they hope to have at least 35 students signed up.

Em loves music and I’m excited for her to have this opportunity.

Acting Classes at The Coterie

I was successful in my bid to get Em moved over to a Wednesday acting class with The Coterie. She will be with 4th-6th graders, but the choices were limited due to her Tuesday, Thursday, and then Saturday morning involvement with the music program. The options were to put her in a K-1 class on Mondays where I feared she would be bored, or Wednesdays with kids who are older than her by several years.

Em has plenty of friends who are older – some as old as 13 – so I figured she would do better with the older kids. It was a matter, however, of convincing the staff of that. After a couple of days to think about it, they granted her a one time exception, which I hope will turn out well.

She enjoyed the music and the acting so much when we saw Annie at the Trilogy Cultural Arts Center, that I am excited to be feeding that interest!

Fostering Animals for Local Shelters

Lastly, Em has shown a strong interest in fostering cats and dogs. Now honestly, who doesn’t like little puppies and kitties?! I have a feeling that this will be heavy on “oh they are so cute, let me pet them” and far less on “oh here, let me clean up some puppy poop.”

However, I see nothing wrong with trying it at least once. We recently received a request to house a pregnant female dog from a local shelter. She will have her pups, and when they are weaned, we will return Mama and pups to the shelter to be adopted out.

I think it is an excellent experience…birth, new life, biology in action, and then seeing them off to their new homes.

We will see what they say about our application and go from there!

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