Fitting In – Sometimes It Takes Seaweed


While we remain unschoolers – Emily has begun to go to a Waldorf school for four hours each Friday. This began the first Friday in January and she was so very excited to attend!

After the third session, however, she ran into a bit of a snag friends-wise.

I am incredibly lucky – I have an extremely gregarious daughter who makes friends easily. She wins over adults just as easily, and I’ve heard plenty of comments from non-parents who say, “If I could be assured of having a child just like her, I would love being a parent!”

Emily wears her heart on her sleeve. She is exuberant, fun, and easy to befriend. But on those off moments when children have already made friends and aren’t sure about whether or not to include her in their circle, she is instantly crushed.

After class on the 24th, she looked so sad when I picked her up. She told me that a little girl had not wanted to play with her, and worse, when they had had snack time, she hadn’t had enough to share, and the girl refused to share any of her chips. (Apparently they barter different foods amongst themselves)

As we were getting ready this past Friday for the class, the sadness came up again. I hugged her, “How about this weekend we go to the grocery store,” I said, intending to finish the sentence with “and buy some snacks.”

But she beat me to it with a surprising answer, “Yes! We must get seaweed!”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. “Seaweed?” I was sure I had not heard her right.

“Yes! Seaweed with salt, it’s really good!”

Now if I had tried to feed her seaweed she would have been convinced it was poisonous. But because the other kids were eating it, it is apparently THE thing to get.

We didn’t have any seaweed that day, but joy of joys, the other little girl likes dill pickles…and Emily had THREE.

I’m off to buy seaweed…ta ta!


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