Engaged Parents, Engaged Teachers

Word of the Day

Today’s word of the day comes to us thanks to Merriam-Webster’s automatic email…

perfunctory – routine or mechanical in nature

It is from the Latin word perfunctorius and the Latin root perfungi (to accomplish)

Em liked the word and wrote it down along with the definition and other info.

Engaged Parents, Engaged Teachers

I took some time yesterday to send emails to the principal, Em’s science teacher and math teacher. I knew their names, but could not remember the others.

I heard back from the math teacher Mr. G within a few hours. His answer was short and rather “perfunctory” to quote our Word of the Day.

Thank you for contacting me.  I will be working with her on those specific skills. You should see growth in her math by mid quarter.  Feel free to contact me anytime.

I had asked if there were any skills building we needed to address at home, but it sounds like he definitely wants to handle it himself. That was a little disappointing.

The science teacher, Ms. G, responded late last night and included a picture!

I can tell she loves science!  She seems to love school.  You have a lovely child that has a want t o learn.  Here is a picture of her making NON NEWTONIAN FLUID today.  She was super excited because she has made it before.  I hope she came home and told you about it 🙂


And this morning, after Em reminded me of her Social Studies teacher’s name Ms. J, I sent her an email and received this back:

Hello Ms. Shuck!

Thank you so much for reaching out and getting me your email, definitely easiest to reach me by as well! She is definitely already a great part of the classroom, and seems to be adjusting to travelling all over the school well.

So far not much else to tell, early days yet. Just as a sneak peek into what we are doing right now: map skills and map making. Started yesterday with North East South and West, moving to by the end of the week or start of the next maping out our own classroom!

Again thanks for reaching out, and hope you stay dry today!

~Ms. J

I’m feeling better about it all with each teacher I hear back from.

I want each teacher to know that, even if I have stepped down from a role educating her in core curriculum, I am still her teacher and mentor and I will be involved and interested.

Second Day Went Well

Em reported that her second day went quite well and that gave me hope. She had positive interactions with all of her teachers, and even got a high five from Mrs. W, along with making the teacher laugh over something Em had written.

She is making friends, and told me she had helped others make the ooblek or “Non-Newtonian Liquid” in Science class.

More importantly, her fears seem to have disappeared. She knows her way around the school and feels comfortable with most of her teachers. Fingers crossed, my girl is doing well!

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