Embrace the Positives

I’ve recently begun attending yoga class. Silver Sneakers yoga class, no yes. I’ve gotten some curious glances from the silver-haired retirees, but I just smile and tell them, “Hey, I can barely keep up with you guys!” I figure in a few more months I might be ready for regular yoga.

In any case, the other day our instructor asked for us to think of what we are thankful for, and to share that with the class. I’m thankful for a lot, and I shared several of them with the class…

“Hi, I’m Christine. I guess I’m probably the youngest person in here (except for the yoga teacher). I’m thankful because my husband is back at work after three years of being unemployed. I’m thankful for being poor, because I have learned to embrace a simpler life. And I’m thankful for this yoga class, because my pain levels have started to go down.”

Heads turned at the I’m thankful for being poor statement and several people came up to me after class and thanked me for what I had said.

It’s true, however. Life is simpler when you haven’t got two nickels to rub together. And while I wish I could afford to travel more, eventually I hope to go visit Europe and other distant lands, I don’t miss cable tv, or buying retail (not that I ever really bought retail).

Life doesn’t have to be complicated or a race to keep up with the Joneses. And I think that most homeschool families agree with that principle. What’s important is our time with our children, right now, this minute.

The day will come all too soon. They won’t be kids anymore and they will be on their own, forging their own way. Embrace the positives, these moments here and now, for tomorrow will come all too soon.

Homeschool Log for 8/31/11

Wednesday was a big learning day. Pretty cool when you consider that my only priority that morning was to clean my house!

Mathematics – Reviewing numbers 1-30. This happened when we needed to do the Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar. I placed ‘1’ on the board and we reviewed sequence and the transition from 10 to teens, teens to 20’s, and 20’s to 30 as she placed the day markers in order.

She also, while listening to Schoolhouse Rock, asked for my help in counting by 5’s. This is very new to her and she doesn’t know any of her 5’s, so it consisted at the moment of me saying them and her repeating. I think that she will soon see the pattern to this as she becomes more familiar with numbers higher than ten.

We reviewed numbers 1-20 in a puzzle where you match the picture with the appropriate number. We got all the way through and I think she is starting to recognize the pattern in the ‘teens. She managed to pick out each following card all the way to 20.This also helped reinforce the counting by 5’s since the pictures on the cards were in groups of five.

Social Studies – We briefly discussed the first president, George Washington, and how he had the opportunity to be king of the United States, that many people wanted to appoint him king, but that he declined.

Language Arts – Emily wrote her first non word name today and used invented spelling – ‘blud’ for ‘blood’.

I had recently cleared the table and put some of our learning placemats in position. She glanced over at the sign language alphabet placemat and proceeded to go through the entire alphabet. Actually, we both did this. At times she corrected my form, other times I corrected hers as we made our way from A to Z in ASL.

General Education – While I took a nap (still suffering from the effects of Benadryl and poison ivy) Emily watched Schoolhouse Rock – first in order (yes, every single episode) and then after I had woken up, she played it again on shuffle. Schoolhouse Rock covers grammar, math, American government and so much more.

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