Eclectic Homeschooling at its Best – It’s Time for L.E.A.R.N.!


Homeschooling, or unschooling, is not a solitary and isolated activity. Far from it. In fact, I would posit that many homeschoolers are MORE involved in their community than children who attend private or public schools.

If only because they tend to have more time for activities and community based events.

In any case, we have tried several times to create/follow a curriculum, only to discover that life and learning have their own way of defining what comes next…and it usually doesn’t involve formal classrooms.

So here are a series of posts on ways that our little family educates our daughter and involves her in community activities, events, and other educational opportunities.


LEARN is one of our “go to” homeschool co-ops. The classes are interesting and varied and I was excited to see the email announcing the start of classes for our second ‘semester’ which starts on January 29thand runs through the 3rd week of April.

We meet at the Garrison Community Center each Wednesday starting at 10am and going until 1pm. Each time a new semester schedule comes out, I sit down with the kiddo and read over the information and find out what classes she is interested in.

The 12pm Girl Scouts class/meeting was a “for sure.” And I wasn’t sure she or I would be up for a 1-2pm class – usually after three one-hour classes she is ready to run and play with friends at a friend’s house.

I looked over the 10am slot and saw she had two choices for classes – Phys Ed – incorporating some retro games in the community center gymnasium or a unit study on chocolate. Surprisingly, when I read both descriptions to her she chose the Phys Ed class at first. Later, though, her stomach won out. And before you shriek in indignation and wonder what in the world CHOCOLATE could possibly teach a child – keep in mind this is a UNIT STUDY. They will be using chocolate to delve into several areas of learning (math, science, art, language arts and history).

That’s one of the really cool aspects of homeschool – using a unique subject matter to create a unit study around.

For the 11am slot she chose another unit study over a storytelling/art class. This is on animals – habitats, classifications, adaptations and more. It looks like they will possibly get some involvement from the Kansas City Zoo (the zoomobile may be visiting) and there will be plenty of interactions with live animals.

Once Girl Scouts is over, we will head to a friend’s house for some free play – or a gym at a local community center to meet up with even more homeschoolers.

It’s looking like Wednesdays will be busy…and filled with fun! We will of course be doing our regular Language Arts regimen before the co-op and then in the evening during this time as well.

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