Dreaming of Our Future Homeschool Room

Buying a new home and prepping for the big move sure can be distracting!

Honestly though, I am thankful we have the ability to push Emily’s studies into the spring and summer months. I’ve already stated my intent to school year-round, but this past year we did do a bit of a break in academics during the warm months. I doubt that will happen this year. There will be only so much we can do on our yard in terms of gardening, and there will still be plenty of projects and settling in that come with the next few months.

One of the big projects I find my daydreams straying to is the future homeschool room. A room entirely dedicated to homeschooling, how cool is that?!

Right now it waits for us, like the rest of the house, an open palette that I furnish in my dreams daily…


See the wall on the right? Near the door?

Display Area!

I can see a large floor to ceiling corkboard there, along with wire strung between the molding of the closet door and the back door with clips for displaying artwork and projects…

z-metal wire display

Or perhaps something like this chicken wire…

z-chicken wire art display

A Space for Reading

And to the left? Almost out of sight of the camera view (to the left of the 1st window on the left), a large comfy chair for reading in. This chair has to be big enough for both of us to cuddle in and read. I’ll definitely need a blanket or two for winter and a nice plush ottoman to prop our feet up on.

Maybe something like this…

z-reading chair

Room to Create

I have two doors in the house I want to take out. If you have ever been in an old house you will have noticed their over-abundance of doors. There is one that closes off the hallway, making it dark and gloomy. It is a very tall door, probably eight feet in height. There is also another door, approximately seven feet high that goes between the new kitchen and the dining room. Having it there makes access to the dishwasher problematic, so it definitely has to go.

I think that one of these, most likely the shorter one, would provide an interesting focal point in the homeschool room as a craft/writing table. I think I’ll put it smack-dab in the middle of the room, add legs, and cover it with a sheet of thick glass. There is a third door I’m considering removing, this is the pass-through between the dining room and the old kitchen…


Organizing the Rest of It

I’m leaning towards “cubbie cubes” – with space for baskets or totes for storing art, writing, and other homeschool supplies. I have plenty of jars for storing markers and pencils, scissors and glue.

Something like this perhaps?…


Must have MORE cubbies!

Here are some other cool ideas. Marker storage…

z-organized markers

And general art supplies storage that could go into the homeschool closet…

z-over door organizer

Lots of cool ideas.

I can’t wait to move! Two weeks and six days left!


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