Dolch Words…Papier-Maiche…Progress…

Dolch Words

Well we are doing quite well with the Dolch Words. We are now up to 27 flash cards (started with sixteen and there are a total of 40 in the Pre-Primer set). My friend’s suggestion to pick out the ones she was best at really paid off. Not only is Emily learning the words at an exponential rate, but she is excited about it.

Excitement…interest…you know, the keys to learning effectively!

“It’s time to do some homeschool today, Emily.”

“Okay, I want to do my words first!” She grins and points to the flash cards. And who am I to deny her?

As we hit an easy section of the cards – run, a, the, in (and so on) I tease her as she whizzes through them, “Oh my goodness! I can’t keep up, you are so good at this!” She grins and spits out the words even faster. When she hits a word she doesn’t know the grin is still on her face and it stays there, her eyes snapping with interest as she attempts to sound out the word. “That one can’t be sounded out,” I tell her, “it’s one of those words you will just have to remember.” She often spits out the word right away – accessing the memory file of ‘those words’ and we move on.

On Wednesday she also pulled out one of her Hooked on Phonics books and lay down on the swing outside and read to me. I was captivated by the image before me. She looked so pretty, so happy and content, even as she struggled to read some of the words. I wish I had had my camera with me.

I realized, looking at her then, that soon the scene of Emily with a book in her hand will no longer be new. If much of the family heritage on both sides is passed to her, it will become a regular daily occurrence. I love the thought of it.

Papier-Maiche Piggies

We didn’t do anything with the papier-maiche pig for days. But on Wednesday after we had finished our reading exercises we got to work. It turns out that duck tape works very well for attaching feet and snouts to papier-maiche pigs.

I added 1 cup of flour and two cups of warm water together to make some more paste and Emily got to work…

This time we went outside, papier-maiche is a messy, messy project!

I put Emily’s hair up to get it all out of the way of the goop. It makes her look so grown up!

Fun with papier-maiche. Really, what could be more fun? Even our new puppy Bella had to check it all out…

The feet and snout are now firmly in place and well covered. I added the ears and tail after the whole concoction had dried at the end of the day. I didn’t papier-maiche them, though. I’m wondering if we can just get away with painting the doggone things now.

I think that the goal is to make this into a piggy bank. I need to double check with Emily on that. But if so, then it may be time to cut the slot in top, deflate the balloon that is inside, and add a hinged door to the bottom for easy coin removal. Then we can paint it.

So there you have it…I guess I can handle kids arts and crafts after all. (I still feel completely out of my element, though!)

Hmmm…perhaps I should teach a class on the subject. That would make me more motivated to try this again. And then there is also the thought of perhaps making a birthday pinata…hmmm…


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One Response to Dolch Words…Papier-Maiche…Progress…

  1. Casey says:

    you are so brave to going at papier maiche! i would never try it with my 2 girls but thats because they never listen and there would be goop everywhere. tell PE he piggy looks oink-mazing!