Deciding on a Kindergarten Curriculum – History & Geography

I took a day off in curriculum planning. Hey seriously though, it’s important to keep it all relevant, right? Larry the 8-Eyed Alien had to have his day in the sun.

So here I am at the Social Studies portion of the curriculum planning. And here is what Home Learning Year by Year had to say about the Kindergarten level goals for American History and Geography…

American History

  1. American Indian culture (traditional lifestyles, religion, legends and Indian life today)
  2. Early exploration and settlement (explorers of the Americas)
  3. The Revolutionary War (significance of 4th of July, people of the Revolutionary period)
  4. Famous Americans (current president, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt)
  5. National symbols (US flag symbols, Pledge of Allegiance, national anthem, Statue of Liberty, & White House)

I used the search engine on to find books on American Indians for Emily’s age range of 4-8 years. Among the search results was a line called True Books and they addressed the Aztec, Hopi, Cherokee, and much more. I think it will make a great unit study on the different types of Native American cultures here in the Americas.

I’m holding off on doing any other research on items #2-#5 until we make our way through #1 – which could be quite intensive and take several months.

World History

  • Learn about families and family life in different times and places around the world

I’m just going to wait on this. The local history and geography are enough for now. Perhaps in a few months I can tie the world element into things closer to the end of the school year.


  1. Be familiar with the use of maps and globes (U.S., home state, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, & North and South poles). Should also know their own address and telephone number.
  2. Draw simple maps of known areas (bedrooms, rooms in their house, yards & neighborhoods)
  3. Know names and locations of the seven continents of the world

I need a globe! That will go on the tax-free shopping list.Emily loves to draw maps. Now, granted, to date they have been masses of squiggles with dots indicating where our house was in relation to other important landmarks (the library, Grandori’s house, HyVee, her best friend, etc). This should be a great exercise.

Mondays will be History day and Tuesdays will be Geography day. This is of course in addition to the Language Arts and Math that happens each day, Monday through Friday.

I found a series on called the Rookie Read-About Geography series that has the following titles: The Seven Continents, North America, The Four Oceans, Antarctica, Map Keys, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and more. It looks like Mid-Continent carries over 87 different titles in the Rookie Read-About Geography series. Looks like I’m set for ordering and reading through those as well!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I discuss deciding on a kindergarten curriculum for Science!

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