Daily Conversations and Reading While Baking or Driving

I should have taken notes yesterday on what we were talking about, because I have now forgotten. I do remember that lately we have been on a metaphor theme – basically I’ve been giving my almost-8-year-old examples of metaphors in different sayings.

Examples, concrete real examples, make sense to both of us, and seem to really bring the point home.

She learns a great deal by the one-on-one discussions we have. I don’t realize it at first, but later, she will say something to another child or adult, and they will look at me with some level of surprise and comment that she is quite intelligent.

I think that all children are far more intelligent that often given credit for. And if you treat them like they have a big magnificent brain, then they often end up using it far more often than expected.

Lately we have been practicing reading – but in a sneaky sort of way.

“Emily, I need your help making these hamburger buns.”


“So I have this bowl, and I think it said I need flour. Can you check to see how much?”

Or …

“Emily, I need your help finding this place we have never been.”

“Okay Mama, give me the directions.” I hand her the Google map text directions, “Okay, we are on I-35 right now … you want exit 226B …”

She STILL resists reading. However, occasionally she will read something and be very excited. “Mama, I read that!” I continue to reassure her that reading will become more and more natural. I’m dealing with a dyed-in-the-wool perfectionist – she resists it because she feels she is not perfect at it yet. It is tough to deal with sometimes.

But I am far more stubborn than anyone I know. I will persist!


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