Cricket Magazine and Homeschool News

Cricket Magazine Mother Lode

I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t remember WHO brought me a huge bag full of Cricket magazine. Someone did it in the last few weeks, and I remember thanking her, but which of my wonderful friends it was I simply cannot remember.

I hang my head in shame.

In any case, today, as I was busy with rearranging furniture, tidying and organizing the upstairs, I ran across the bag full of magazines. Some are from the 90s. I immediately made room for them on a shelf directly above the homeschool books. I’ve managed to categorize all of the books into Foreign Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and then Arts & Crafts/Miscellany.

I ended up putting the Cricket magazines directly above the Math and Foreign Language shelf. But I was curious about what the magazines typically consisted of, so I paged through one and was very impressed. I can’t wait to read it to her! This one seems to have a sailing theme, including a tale from the Marshall Islands (close enough for our studies of the Hawaiian Islands).

If she likes them, I hope to tackle a magazine a week. And then I plan on getting a subscription, it looks as if it would definitely be worthwhile.

Homeschool News

And I was amused by this news story, especially the last line which read, “The best that can be said for Common Core is that it encourages home-schooling.”

Ouch! LOL!

Such Relief

I cannot properly express the sense of relief, profound relief, that I have been experiencing as Em’s reading fluency grows daily. It has been so difficult for me to wait for this, to step back from it all and ask my husband to read with her. I had felt like such a failure, so completely incompetent, and questioned whether I was failing utterly and completely at homeschooling our daughter.

Now that I see the fluency growing, now that I have that tangible proof that the gates are opening and the key to learning is firmly in her grasp, I feel as if we are on an amazing and beneficial learning journey.

Each day I am filled with such joy and hope, sitting next to my daughter, watching her brain grow and her learning leap forward. It does not matter what grade level of reading she is at – because it is changing and improving each day. Even if she is behind her peers, she will catch up in her own time, because now she is willing to learn, and retaining so much.

I just wanted to share the joy and the relief I am feeling. Thanks for listening (well, READING)!

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