Cozy Crafts for a Snowy Day

A lot of people consider me creative. Or at least they tell me I am. I cross-stitch, I make the occasional quilts, and I’ve been known to make curtains every once in a while.

But for me, creativity is found in words on a page, not following a pattern, although I do often veer off from the pattern at hand and just make my own design.

Emily’s quilt is one such example. After nearly three years of procrastinating, it is almost done…


I’m almost done with it.

I had two cleanings all lined up today, but snow and other circumstances changed that. So here I was, thinking about crafts and creativity and said to Emily, “Hey, why don’t we make finger puppets?”


We had found this book the other day in Hancock Fabrics that featured finger puppets out of felt. I pulled it out and we got started…

This is a photo from the book. Certainly, a great start on our creative journey.

We decided to start with the horse first…

Meet Rosetta, a female horse that was born on Valentine’s Day, according to Emily. She picked out the thread, the beads, sewed the two sides together, and the nose on, entirely by herself. That’s a heart-shaped bead at the top of her head, by the way.

Next came Waddle, a boy pig. I showed Emily how to make French knots for the eyes. Here she is sewing the pieces together.

What a fine-looking pig! I added the ears and put in the slits on the nose, but the rest was all Emily.

The rooster doesn’t have a name yet – but it is a rooster according to Emily and not a hen.

Later, once we have more of them completed, perhaps we will have a puppet show.

I’d like to say that this whole craft expedition came naturally to me, but it really didn’t. As we countdown to moving day (February 15th!) I find myself filled with way too much guilt.

I’m not spending time with her, not like I feel I should be doing, and it is really starting to get me down. I buy books upon books, on so many subjects. But being sick has left me without a voice, my throat scratchy and raw. Reading out loud isn’t an option right now.

I can’t seem to rouse myself out of this weird “distracted, too many thoughts going at once” head space I am in but I am trying to be better. This morning’s crafting was very nice and I think that I’d like to do more of it later today.

Right now Emily is playing happily with our snowbound neighbors. Perhaps later it will be time to makes those Chocolate Peppermint Thumbprint cookies I’ve been wanting to make with her…or big, chewy pretzels…

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