Color Me Captivated

Well, you go Ron Paul!

I was stunned to see the following headline on my Google Alert for all things homeschool – Ron Paul launches libertarian-edged home school curriculum

Say what?!

I will admit to being bitterly disappointed when he dropped out of the presidential race last year. Although I don’t agree with everything he has said, he has remained the voice of reason and honesty in what I see as a world filled with liars. (How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving!)

In any case, I have been hoping that Rand Paul may take up the torch and that we might actually, at some point, have some level of reason and return to constitutional values at some point in our nation’s future – you know, before my fictional War’s End – Book 1 becomes a non-fiction piece of work.

In any case, I’ll return to topic now. A curriculum, free of charge, for grades K-5. If you want the upper grades, there will be a cost. According to the Ron Paul Curriculum website, this rolls out beginning September 1st and I’ve bookmarked it in my calendar. I’ve very curious to see what this curriculum looks like.

The article over at Fox News mentioned that it will have some Biblical-based themes, which we as secular homeschoolers are not particularly in need of, but I am sure that there will be a good deal of information that is applicable.

Can’t wait for September 1st!

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