College – Is it a Waste of Time?

Between my recent reading of A Thomas Jefferson Education and this news article on NPR – A ‘Higher’ Education is a Waste of Time – I find myself wondering whether college will be in Emily’s future.

Now, A Thomas Jefferson Education in no way suggests that children should not get a college education, but it does point out the ever-increasing intelligence and leadership vacuum here in the United States. College has become, in many cases, the equivalent of an 8th grade education 100 years ago.

That might sound harsh, but if you have ever seen this 8th Grade Exam from 1895?…or even this Constitution Test from 1954?

I’ve taken American Government in high school, and plenty of history and other civics classes in college and I know I couldn’t pass that second test…no way, no how.

On Friday I will be posting a book review on A Thomas Jefferson Education. Stay tuned for that, but meanwhile, try answering either of the two tests. How would you measure up?!

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