C’mon and SHARE, You Know You Want To!

I’m going to post this on both my blogs.

But first I want to say…

Thank You.

For reading my blog.

For commenting.

For just being you.

I came up with the idea for writing daily in two blogs – The Deadly Nightshade and The Homeschool Advocate in mid-February. I was downstairs, surfing the net, reading ProBlogger, and dreaming of better things.

Like beingĀ  a writer full-time.

Maybe…you know…even making a living at it.

So I did just that. I combined three different blogs I had on parenting, humor, and homeschool and turned it into The Homeschool Advocate and combined two other blogs into The Deadly Nightshade and I’ve been writing steadily ever since.

I’d like to think that most of my posts have quality to them, because my readers and the daily visits to my blog have been increasing steadily. And believe me, that is super cool. I’m checking out your visits via Google Analytics and liking what I’m seeing.

Now I’ve been handing out cards, talking to others, posting on Facebook links and hoping that if I write well enough, entertain or make you mad enough, you will keep coming back and bring all your friends with you.

See where this is heading?

Really need me to ask? Okay…okay…

Please ‘Recommend’ some of your favorite posts via the pretty blue button at the top of the page. ‘Like’ The Deadly Nightshade Suburban Garden and The Homeschool Advocate on Facebook.

And while your at it, would you mind telling everyone you know about this super-cool, kind of whacky blogger that you have been following?

It would mean the world to me…it really would.

Pretty please, with sugar on top?

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