‘Cause I Just Can’t Let it Go

Each day that passes I find us embracing unschooling more and more.

But I still need some kind of checks and balances, reassurances if you will, that she is on the right track. So I returned to the Kindergarten goals for the year and reviewed them this past weekend.

At this point, just one month in, we have accomplished:

Language Arts – which has a 18 total goals – on 8/1 she had four of them down pat, now she has about 11 of them.

Mathematics – which has 19 total goals – on 8/1 she had zero down as full comprehension. Now, she has met eight goals to date.

Social Studies – which has 9 total goals – on 8/1 there were no check marks of comprehension. At this time, I have not marked any with FULL comprehension, although we have touched on many of the areas.

Science – which has 10 total goals – on 8/1 none were marked. To date, I now have added one check mark – she can sort objects into groups according to physical characteristics. The rest of the goals are multi-faceted, and while we have touched on them, we have not had full comprehension of study of them, so I cannot check off any of the rest of the goals yet.

Foreign Language – which has 3 total goals, none of them have been checkmarked. While we have begun to address greetings and the names of numbers from one to ten, she does not have full comprehension yet. Once she knows them backwards and forwards, then I can check these off. However, her performance is steady and grows each day.

Art – which has 3 total goals, one has been checkmarked to date. Again, we touch on the goals, but we do not have full comprehension yet.

Music – which has 3 total goals, one has been checkmarked. I continue to introduce new and different music. Some Emily is interested in, and some not so much.

Health & Phys Ed – which has 2 total goals, and wow, there is a surprise, we can check both off. We have discussed the importance of exercise, cleanliness, good nutrition and sleep – and Emily regularly participates (and is scheduled to participate) in age-appropriate athletic activities.

Wow, I’ve got to say, I’m impressed and rather blown away. I was afraid I wouldn’t be adding any checkmarks anywhere. And yet, she knows a lot, and has learned a lot, just in a few short weeks. That’s rather exciting!

Note: I do not mark her as having accomplished them until she has shown full comprehension on multiple occasions.

Homeschool Log for 8/26/11

Phys Ed – While I attended my Silver Sneakers yoga class (yes, it’s for old folks and yes, I’m only 41), Emily attended Ready, Set, Grow! which is basically games and exercise for ages 3-10.

Mathematics – We read Hello Math Reader Not Enough Room! which touched on depicting a space on graph paper and rearranging it in different shapes and patterns. Emily found this interesting.

Language Arts – We read two different beginning reader books Go Away, Becka! and Fancy Nancy’s 100th Day of School. In both cases, Emily showed initial unhappiness with having to help read. This is incredibly frustrating for me, and I’m unsure how to handle it. I want to snap at her, but I know that is exactly the wrong thing to do. Instead, when I find my frustration building I simply stop and wait for her to meet me at least part way. I also provide as much encouragement and patience as possible.

Emily also paged through a bunch of books while we were driving in the car. This came after she put a ink pen in her mouth because she ‘was bored’. The overly full bag of library books I had planned on returning to the library came in handy right then and she happily paged through several. Once or twice I heard her trying to sound out a word. She’s getting there!

ArtMary Cassatt Family Pictures by Smart About Art. Emily found this somewhat interesting, but lost interest towards the end. She is getting better at saying when she is bored, and I am learning to listen better.


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