Cat Box Roca and Other Stories

Twitter, the internet in general, it can be a huge time suck and sometimes it is just good for a belly laugh or two.

I was browsing through Twitter and saw a retweet posted by another dystopian author. Meg Elison has written The Book of the Unnamed Midwife and The Book of Etta, neither of which are appropriate for young children, just saying.

The tweet said…

Which of course led me to read all about it. Which in turn led me to read a little further in the book…

I howled with laughter and couldn’t help but remember last year when I had purchased a container of Almond Roca, which bears a strong visual resemblance to litter-encrusted “cat box roca.”

My husband played a terrible joke on Em, holding one of the Almond Roca pieces and declaring that the cat must have pooped. She about lost her mind when he popped it into his mouth and ate it.

I’m revving up for some short story writing for tomorrow, but I just had to share that bit of humor.

Now it’s your turn, share a funny story about your family or kids below…

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