Bring on the Rebels

In July, my thoughts increasingly turn towards curriculum planning for fall.

I’m strongly considering Time4Learning, an online learning site that several folks I know use or have used. When I mentioned doing this, my eldest reminded me that Em needs more writing experience under her belt, and I couldn’t help but agree.

So yesterday I had a few minutes, and I began looking up 4th grade writing prompts. I didn’t see anything that gave me the warm and fuzzies, so I headed over to Amazon and typed in “children writing” into the search box.

This gave me a nice list of books geared towards encouraging writing. As I worked my way through the lists, I began reading the reviews.

Note: As an author, I know how important reviews can be. Especially these days, in our digital society. So if you have read one of my books and NOT left a review, go and do that now. I need that review more than you might think!

One review stood out and absolutely sold me on a book:

one star review

In case that is hard to read, the reviewer has an issue with Buddhism and says the book encourages kids to be rebels.

I couldn’t help it, I HAD to comment!

one star review

My focus remains on encouraging my daughter to write creatively, and eventually include persuasive, entertaining, and thoughtful written responses to any number of challenges that life throws at her.

The LAST thing I want is some idiot who says “yes ma’am” and obeys me without a thought in her head.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that rudeness or disobedience should be embraced. You can have a thinking, polite human being growing up in your house that has a mind of her own and still shows respect and understands compromise.

But when it comes to learning, I want an out of the box thinker. Let the public schools produce the worker bees our society seems to expect and thinks they need for the world to keep turning. I want to see my little girl think for herself and write things like this in the future:

mic drop 1

mic drop 2

This was in reply to a guy telling her that ALL of the technology and culture that we have today is thanks to war. He was also suggesting that allowing a free education to anyone willing to pursue it was foolish.

In any case – all of this is to say, not only am I sold on this book and it will arrive in two days, but I suggest it to you for your child as well.

rip this page book

Here is the link to the book.

This world needs thinkers, creators, world breakers, world changers. We need innovation, versatility, and more if we are to survive the vast changes that are to come.

Bring on the rebels!

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