Brainstorming, Typing, Zentangle, and Story-Making

I really, really wish I could adopt the neighbor kid. That said, if I can’t adopt him, I guess I’ll just have to let him come over and hang out.

That’s what he did today, and along the way, a lot of learning occurred.

It started off with our Chick, Chick, Chicken! class this morning at 10 a.m. We had several cancellations, but at least five moms and their kiddos showed up to learn about chickens. Afterwards they hung around and the kids had a great time playing.

Our neighbor Anthony had shown up at the beginning of the chicken class and was happy to hang around…especially once he discovered the Electricity activity box in the homeschool room. While some of the kids played with magnets, he was busy with a circuit, quickly figuring out how to hook up one experiment into a working night light. So cool!

They began playing with the typewriter we have up in the office/library…


We talked about making money and how kids can do it. I showed him the two smaller walls of my office that are Emily’s to do with as she will, and he cleaned them off and started brainstorming on money-making activities…


“I know,” said Anthony, “We will have a farm stand and sell everything there – art, greens, chicken houses, cold lemonade, books, cookies, and candy.” He thought for a moment, “What should we name it?”

We tossed around some ideas and settled on Blue Sky Farming Stand…


Here’s his list on the right hand side…



A tree guy came by to give us a quote on some tree removal. The kids hung out in the hot sun for a while before heading back into the relative cool of the house. I showed Anthony my latest Zentangle obsession.

“That looks really hard.” he commented, staring at my two bigger pieces.

“It sure does, doesn’t it?” I said, “What if I told you it was actually really easy?” I showed him the basics and here is what he came up with on his first shot…



Not bad, eh?

Right after that Emily convinced him to sew her stuffed whale and little white cat (both had tiny holes in them that had been waiting on me forever to fix) up for her.

Somewhere along the way we picked up another kid, the one from next door, age eleven. He and Anthony began working on the typewriter, writing some scary story about a witch. Great discussions were held on pricing said stories, what to sell at the farm stand, and more – all while writing the story line by line on the typewriter.

And before I knew it, THIS had been drawn on the blackboard wall and a scouting mission for spare wood had been formed…


And ALL of this made me think of the Maker Faire which is this weekend. I’m so excited! I’ve told Anthony and the other neighbor boy Caleb, that we are happy to take them if they can bring $7 for tickets. It includes admission to Science City – how can we go wrong with that?!

What IS the Maker Faire, you may ask? Better to ask what it isn’t. It includes exhibits on weaving, jewelry making, electronics, foods, farming tilapia, experimenting with robots, electricity, and SO much more. Check out the YouTube video from last year’s Faire here.

I hope to see you at the Faire!


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