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Three Day Homeschool, Sly James and the Zoo

Monday and Tuesday were “homeschool free” days, but we’ve been packing in the learning today! Our “Three Day” Homeschool Week Balancing work with homeschool is tricky. I had originally envisioned working in the afternoons and homeschooling in the morning, but … Continue reading

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The Story Behind the Numbers

“I hate math.” How many times did I say it when I was a child? Too many to count. In fact, I continued to repeat the mantra well into college, tears of frustration welling up in my eyes as I … Continue reading

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The First Week of Sixth Grade

A Decent First Day Ah, the return to homeschooling! It certainly had its fits and starts. I knew I had a cleaning later in the afternoon and I also had some errands to run, but I expected we had the … Continue reading

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A Foundation of Communication

The first few months after she was placed with us, my foster daughter’s mother had no visitation. That has changed now, and with the very real possibility of her returning to her mother at some point in the near future … Continue reading

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Why Do You Want to Leave Me?!

There are some movies that just get you right there in the feels. When I need a good “feel good/pick me up from the doldrums” movie, I pull out┬áMy Big Fat Greek Wedding. My husband and I quote from it … Continue reading

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Affordable STEM for the Win!

I don’t know about your kiddos, but my daughter LOVES science. And I’m all about nurturing that love wherever I can. We signed up for a Union Station membership which allows us access to Science City anytime we want to … Continue reading

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And Along the Way? Have Some Fun!

Recently, Em asked for some flavored lip balms. I found a cool pack of soda-flavored Lip Smackers on Amazon and she was tickled to get them. And then today? I stopped by Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar and … Continue reading

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Stop the Hamster Wheel, Take the Time

A friend of mine posted a video on Facebook that really resonated with me. You can view it here. I have been actively trying, for the past six years or more, to be more present with my child. My mind … Continue reading

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Enter the Seesaw – the Push and the Pull

It began the last day of school. The doubt. The longing. Em was suddenly unsure what she wanted to do – return to homeschooling or return to public school in the fall. And I will admit, I was of two … Continue reading

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The Last Day of Fifth Grade

Today is Em’s last day of fifth grade. And I have mixed emotions about it, I really do. Last August, in the throes of self-doubt, fears that I wasn’t doing right by her, feelings of overwhelm, and more – I … Continue reading

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