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Teaching Responsibility

Apparently, it is crunch time in my daughter’s little academic world. And it is interesting to see how she reacts to it. Menopause has its benefits – I’m far more patient now than I used to be. If I were … Continue reading

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Highest Score in Fifth Grade?!

Em came home yesterday and informed us that she had scored the highest score among all of the fifth graders in the school in reading. “It was nine hundred something,” she said, “and the second highest score was Azule, she … Continue reading

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Learning in Action – Flow Charts!

As we settle into the school year, the weeks have flown by. Em is doing well – happy, well-liked by her teachers and the other students, and applying herself in class. Last week was her first parent-teacher conference… Quarterly Parent/Teacher … Continue reading

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Great Minds Think Alike

Eleven Years Ago Today Eleven years ago today I had just spent one uncomfortable night in a hospital bed, hooked up to far too many monitors. I was sure that “today was the day” that I would get to meet … Continue reading

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How About a Mental Health Day? (and other stories)

As the weeks and months have marched on, I can see clearly the path that this blog will be taking. I’m sharing that vision, along with an Em update, below… Great Grades “Hey Mama, I almost forgot, here’s my quarterly … Continue reading

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My Science Loving Wunderkind

So Em has been in public school for four weeks now and they have these assessment tests, the NWEA, also known as MAP tests. Apparently, they are assessed three times in a school year – at the beginning, the middle … Continue reading

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Raising a Strong Woman

I have been thinking about strength and resiliency lately. What it takes to be strong, to bend with life’s misfortunes, to not break. And, raising a daughter, this has been especially important to me. I don’t want her to be … Continue reading

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A Gentle Pattern

There is a gentle pattern to our days now. Em seems very happy, And I’m not stressing over fitting homeschool into a full day of house cleanings, caring for my dad and writing. I’ve even contacted the North Kansas City … Continue reading

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What Did You Learn Today?

Having my dad living with us has continued to provide me with powerful lessons – moments that reveal to me my own shortcomings, mannerisms and attitudes handed down to me by my parents. One of them – the compulsion to … Continue reading

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Good News, Great News

With over two weeks of public school under our belts – I wanted to update everyone on how things have been, and how both Em, Dave and I are adjusting to our new norm. A Seventh Grade Reading Level?! Recently … Continue reading

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