August Homeschool

August Homeschool…in the Hands of Her Sister

I wasn’t particularly surprised when Dee (my eldest, age 26) asked if she could try her hand at schooling Em for a month. She did a lot with her stepson, including teaching him how to read and she is a huge advocate for homeschooling. Remember, I homeschooled her in her teen years!

And honestly, I thought it sounded great. I was hoping she would bring a fresh infusion into it, and I visualize working with her in the weeks, months, and years to come to create some dynamic collaborations for Em’s homeschooling adventures.

Dee is a bit more structured than I am. Is it possible that I’m still recovering from the disastrous go at “organized schooling” I tried at various times through the last few years since beginning homeschooling with Em.

I really should try it again, because Em is now a reader (and doing quite well on that score) and far more interested in homeschool than she originally was.

In any case, I agreed to let Dee take over homeschool for the month of August and she began on Sunday with a trip to the Nelson-Atkins. This week seems to focus directly on Art History. It includes learning about some different authors, the history of their works (like Madame X by Sargent) and experimenting with several different artistic styles (pointillism, for one).

On Thursday, Dee asked Em, “What would you like to study in homeschool next week?”

Em thought for a moment and answered, “I want to know the history of the boomerang.”

I seriously love that kid!

So next week will take us to Australia, the Aborigine people, perhaps a taste of their art and culture, and of course, boomerangs.

There’s never a dull moment around here!

College at 15?

Early on in our homeschool journey I looked over the curriculae for the next “twelve” years and discovered that, if you removed all of the three month summer breaks, a homeschooled child could easily graduate homeschool and enter college by the age of 15.

And before you kick up a fuss, NO, that is not what I intend to do. I intend to present learning opportunities and let Em learn at her own pace. Homeschooling is not a race or a competition. And this article that another mom linked to sums it up perfectly…

The goal should never be raising children who are impressive. It should be, instead, about nurturing and celebrating each individual, no matter who they are.

It is so wonderful to watch my eldest teaching her baby sister. She is so patient, creative and thoughtful. In return, Em has responded with enthusiasm.

A couple of weeks ago she did bring up college, and I mentioned that, given a straight run at scholastics, it was entirely possible to graduate homeschool by age 14/15. I was rather surprised at Em’s reaction – she said she wanted to do that.

Now, she might be interested in that now and quite easily change her mind later. But I found her interest in the concept of college at age 15 rather exciting. Who knows where all of this will lead?!

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